INNOV8OR Spotlight: Missy Rogers of Noble Plastics

noble plastics square

Have you ever had an idea for a product potentially made of plastic, but lacked the knowledge to make it a reality? Noble Plastics is the company you need to visit!

Started by Missy Rogers, founder and CEO, it’s one of Acadiana’s best manufacturing companies and one of the few plastics companies in the US with precision quality control machines, procedures, and personnel suitable for making military-grade plastic products. They also produce everyday plastic products with the same fervor.

We sat down with Missy to talk about her journey in advance of our “off the record” talk at this month’s entrepreneur meetup.

missy headshot“Noble Plastics is a product realization company,” says Missy. “We achieve this through three business units — design, molding, and automation. Our mantra of ‘Dream It, Make It’ lives and breathes in the products we have launched over the years for clients throughout the country and across all industries.”

Dreaming is very key to what Noble is about and all they have accomplished, but making is even more pivotal to this story.

“At first, my husband and I were looking to bring a solution to the market for a manufacturing challenge his company was facing. We soon realized these solutions were needed by lots of people in all businesses!” Missy went on to say that their fresh perspective on the industry allowed them to say Yes when others had said No.

“We pushed ourselves and available technologies to achieve what had not been done before.”

This is what innovators do: they see the gap, and fill it with the things that only they have the vision for. Missy says that it’s been a long journey, and it’s been filled with numerous highs and lows.

“It is immensely satisfying to see a customer’s product win awards and their business exceed their highest hopes for financial success. We have been fortunate enough to see this several times. Some of our most personal successes were achieving things that the numbers said just couldn’t be done… but those kinds of projects do also fail occasionally too,” says Missy.

Noble Plastics is a company that has braved the storm and come out successfully. Missy, along with her husband Scott (the dynamic duo!) and her team’s tenacity undoubtedly played a large role in that. At the end of the day, though, success means happy customers.

“Our hope is that our customers see in us an ally in [their] pursuits, and they continue to use us for their challenges and solutions long-term,” Missy said.

But what does the future hold? She’s got a plan.

“We have some pretty ambitious goals for the company,” Missy excitedly states, “but are confident that our core values will continue to steer us into relevant work. So long as there are products to improve, processes to make more efficient, and people that want to innovate, we will have challenges to solve!”

Wise words, Missy! If you want to hear more from Missy, join us on Wednesday, July 27th at LITE to hear hear talk in our “Off The Record” entrepreneurial speaker series. Register here!